Joining Hendersonville Ballet Company

To schedule an audition to perform with Hendersonville Ballet, please contact us at

Our company dancers must take a minimum of three ballet classes a week, at an Intermediate to Advanced level.  You do not need to study dance at Southside Dance to be in Hendersonville Ballet.  We welcome all trained dancers. 

Requirements for Company Members

Southside Dance students in Ballet Level 4 and Advanced Ballet are all welcome and encouraged to audition.  Advanced Ballet dancers training at any schools in the WNC area are encouraged to audition. 

The cost for participating in Hendersonville Ballet is $600 per dancer per year [male dancers will have a reduced rate of $100].  Each member will also be asked to pay a one-time joining fee of $100.  The participation fee includes all choreography and costumes (property of HB).  Not included are any personal alterations required or incidentals for each dancer such as required footwear and tights.  Participants may earn credit toward the Company fee by selling ads for the program, securing sponsorships, and/or volunteering to help with needed tasks.

Rehearsals are scheduled mainly on Saturday afternoons starting at 11:00 am .  Members are expected to attend each rehearsal, with an allowance of up to 2 excused absences (approved by director).  Students missing rehearsals without proper notice will be placed on probation.  Dancers are required to attend all dress rehearsals and to be present for all performances.  

Fees for HB do not cover all costs.  Sponsorships and donations are critical for HB to remain viable.  Ticket sales also provide income to cover costs such as theater rental, costumes, and studio rental fees.  Dancers are asked to sell at least $80 of ad sales per show (two shows per year) to help offset the costs of print materials, including programs and posters, and to cover costs of producing the shows.

Expected Dance Attire for Each Dancer